Helping restore Father's people

to the Ancient Paths of scripture.

Walking in the Ten Words (Commandments) and the Power of the Holy Spirit

(Rev.12:17, Luk.10:19, Mat.28:19-20)

The Repairer of the Breach

An open letter to Messianic Leaders

For the past few years I have observed the reaction and response of the newly awakened bones of Yahs' people on different subjects.  I have a few questions to ask those who are found to be in some role of leadership and teaching.  

1.    Through the years of you presenting the message of Malachi to remember the Law of Moses, how often have you come up against the stubborn, unwilling hearts of your brothers and sisters to contemplate the truth about the pagan rituals they are involved in but are unaware of?
        This is a very big spiritual battle which is not lessening.  In fact, there are more and more adamant sermons going forth from many pulpits standing firm on Grace against law.  It's like they want to drown out the ever growing exuberant "Ephramites".

2.    After so many years of learning from the traditions of Brother Judah, how open are you to hearing the voice of YHWH to follow Him down a path that seems to veer away from the one you have become so accustomed to?

3.   In Romans, Paul talks about the advantage of being a Yehudite; that they were entrusted with the Words of YHWH.  Does this mean then that all the interpretations of the scriptures from Judah are all correct?

4.    In this entrusting, does it mean that all traditions and observances by them are correct?  

5.    Are we in the time of restoration to His true ways?

6.    Is there a point where we must stop learning the truth of His way and wait for Him to return to show us the next step?

7.    If so, what is that point?  And who makes that decision to stop?

8.    Is it not Him who restores all things and did not it begin with His coming to earth and destroying the hold of sin and the curse which condemned all?

9.    Do you believe all of Babylon has been routed out of you?

10.    Do you react differently than those still in Christmas, Easter and Sunday mode when approached on a subject that could possibly unbalance your world?  Or do you turn your head and exclaim “not going there!" just like them?

11.    I ask again:  How open are you to hearing the voice of YHWH to follow Him down a path that seems to veer away from the one you have become so accustomed to?

Now after all these questions, I would like to say that I have heard such things.  I have heard the forbidding of broaching certain subjects at gatherings.  Instead of honest listening and studying, the ears have been stopped and there is no touching the subject!  This is NO different than our brothers and sisters who are still stuck in pagan holidays.  How frustrating it is when no one will discuss or ponder the things - you know that very well!  For you deal with it all the time.  Do you think it is pleasing to YHWH when you put the plugs in?  What if He is trying to tell you something more of coming out?

Let us go back to some more questions.

12.  Do you believe YHWH created the heavens and the earth?  Do you believe all those things He created are for man?

13.  Do you believe all is created in perfect harmony with His will?

14.  Do you believe that all His instructions to us His children are also in harmony with what He has set in motion?

15.  Is YHWH a God of confusion or of order?

16.  Is the confusion that comes up at the festival times from YHWH or man?

17.  If it is from YHWH, isn’t that against who He is?

18.  If it is of man, shouldn't we search to correct it?

So then, here it is; THE subject that is running rampant throughout the children of YHWH.  Are we truly observing His Sabbath or one set in place by man?  Here is where we hear more quick answers and curt opinions that have most of the time no shred of historical evidence or back up.   This is where we hear "don't go there; it will bring only controversy and division!"  "Judah couldn't have been wrong all these years!"  "We know the calendar isn't right, but when Yeshua comes He will correct it."  "There are more important issues to deal with than this one."  

To these statements I ask:  Controversy?  What do we do with Matthew 10:34? Or this one:  Luke 12:51 “Do you think that I came to give peace on earth? I say to you, no, but rather division.

Is the history of Judah impeccable?  Have they never strayed from observing the ways of YHWH?  Did they come through the times of the Roman emperors unscathed and unaltered?  Is everything they do purely from His word or are there additions of fences and traditions?  Are we to go along with Judah to keep peace with them to win them over?  That hasn't worked through the years - why should it now?  If eyes are not open to seeing the true Messiah, nothing will change.  We are still required to walk as He tells us - no matter what.

If we know something isn't correct are we to avoid it like burying it in the ground to hand over to the Master when He returns or are we to ask Him to reveal the truth in the matter and continue growing in restoration till His return?

What issue is more important than keeping His Sabbath?  Isn't that the sign between Him and us as His people?  Shouldn't it be important that we are keeping the right time He has set up separate from the world?

Let me stop and interject here that doing this type of thing is not what I find pleasant.  I feel like Deborah in the time of the Judges having to stand before Barak and admonish him for not doing what YHWH told him to.  This is not a comfortable position for a woman.   I do realize that it is YHWH that chooses the vessel.  It is not for me to question but walk the path He calls me on.  If anyone has a problem with me doing this, please take it up with Him for I was quite content living for Him quietly without stirring the waters any more than necessary.  However, Father has placed this on my heart and I dare not ignore the direction of His voice.

Through the years of the birth of the church you can see the wearisome pattern of man messing up the path of YHWHs truth with his interjections of ‘intelligence’.  From the very beginning things have been pulled off plumb.  As the apostles left this world, the gentile converts, who were not as familiar with the statutes and ordinances of God and His ways, stepped into place and along with them came some remnants of the pagan things they came out of.  The first big church to take hold was the Roman Catholic Church and with the help of Constantine many pagan customs were melted in and the gulf between Christian Jews and greek Christians began growing.  Each time YHWH awakened someone to come out of the apostasy and learn of His truth, man would again muddy the waters with more brilliant traditions and trappings.  You can see this with every denomination that has emerged throughout the ages.  It doesn’t seem to be any different with what is going on even now.  YHWH is calling to the bones to awake, but as they do; little groups again start to form.  When will we stop trying to form denominations and just pursue His truth?  When will we stop thinking we have arrived and” know it all now!”?  When will we humble ourselves and confess to Him we truly know nothing and become willing to examine something that seems impossible to be?  We serve a God who gave us the very breath that keeps us here.  How can we possibly understand what He has spoken into being, set into motion, and then placed us, who by the way were formed out of clay, right in the middle of it all to live?  We are quicker to believe what man tells us than to examine what YHWH has set in front of us.  Why can’t we trust what has come from Him?

When I first started down this path of choosing to follow the signs He put in the heavens for all nations, I would start crying and ask:  “Father, does this really matter?  Is it right to dwell on such detail?  All I feel is more separation.”   Then I would hear in my spirit a gentle, firm voice asking: “Why did I give such detail to follow for my Temple if I didn’t mean it?”  “Look up, daughter, and see my moon.  Why does it do what it does?”  “Watch it and tell me what you see.”  So I did.  When I looked up, I fell to my knees and cried “Oh Father!  Only you could do such a wonder!  No man could ever do this!”

I now ask you.  Have you looked up at His creation and seen it through eyes of wonder of His hand?  Why would you want to follow anything man has conjured up?  Why do you believe YHWH created the Gregorian calendar?   When mixing two calendars, there is confusion every year trying to make fit what He has commanded us to do.

 He is not the author of confusion.  Satan is!  I would ask you to set aside all prejudice and ask Father to open your eyes to His truth on this matter.  Yes, there are many questions that come.  But, if we give Him our time, He WILL give answers.  I beg you; don’t shut this subject out!  It will not go away it will only intensify because it is His subject.  If you choose to become stubborn and stay where you are in belief, He will step back and let you continue, but, the mantle will be removed in time; for He will not keep winking at “golden calves” set up and called His.  Father wants both houses to come out of traditions that hinder His truth; not just Ephraim.  Remember, the prodigal son did not run to his older brother in the field to find forgiveness and be with.  He ran to the father.  Honor is due our older brother; however that should not mean compromise to Fathers’ way and truth.  We are to be one family and all members of the family honor and love each other, but we listen to and obey the Father who is head over all.

I would invite you to look at all the articles on our website:  "" and examine and chew on the information we have studied.

May YHWH bless you as you humble yourself to His will in your life.