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to the Ancient Paths of scripture.

Walking in the Ten Words (Commandments) and the Power of the Holy Spirit

(Rev.12:17, Luk.10:19, Mat.28:19-20)

The Repairer of the Breach


Many of you who have only the western Roman calendar (Gregorian) to look to for setting dates and following holidays; the following calendar may seem a bit strange.  However it is the original way days, months, feasts, weeks, and fasts were kept track of by the children of YHWH from the beginning of time until, I believe, the 2nd or 3rd century A.D..

Okay, let’s begin.

YHWH created the sun to give us daylight to work and to count off - along with the star constellations - a full year.  He created the moon for the determining of the months by counting off the days (by the changing of the phases each day) for a period of 29 or 30 days from the appearing to the reappearing sliver. At the appearing of the first visible sliver of the moon out of Israel (the land) the new month is set for the fresh counting.  When determining the calendars’ days with the Sabbath included, we must look at scripture.   Things need to harmonize with it.   In Scripture the New Moon and Sabbath are always talked about separately.  This shows that New Moon is never the Sabbath.  There is only one New Moon that is treated like a Sabbath and that is Day of Trumpets. New Moon is also not considered one of the 6 work days of the Sabbath week (Eze 46:1).  So, what is it? It is the marker for the beginning of a new month and for the day that the next 4 Sabbaths will occur.  It is the first day of the month but not the first day of the 6 work days.  The count for the first work day begins the day after New Moon day. YHWH established this perfect ‘Sabbath week’ for us to keep things straight when He would ask us to count 7 Sabbaths perfect to Shavuot . The count begins the day after the Sabbath (or 15th of Nissan) which is the 16th or “first day of the week” and ends the day after the 7th Sabbath.  During this counting, we cross over to a new month twice.  That is why we are told to count only the ‘undefiled’ Sabbaths – or perfect ‘Sabbath week’ (6 days work 7th day rest). 7 perfect Sabbath weeks = 49 days plus one more day after the 7th Sabbath =50.  None of us have ever understood why YHWH kept reiterating the 6 days work and 7th rest.  We were told it was because YHWH created the week separate from the rest of His calendar . I believe the Word says He is not an Elohim of confusion – doesn’t it?  In believing the week runs totally independent of the most intricate time piece ever made makes no sense.  Things don’t fit together in harmony and some things run into each other!  That my friend is confusion!

Let’s start laying out the calendar with the information we have at this time.  We will use the 7th Lunar Month called Tishri.  I will place the Gregorian Information up to day 18 in it too so you can see how it fits.  The Lunar numbers are on left top corner and the Gregorian numbers are bottom right.

Remember what I said above.  New Moon day is NOT a Sabbath.  According to scripture they did not buy or sell on it but there is no restriction to work (Exodus 40:2).  The new sliver of the moon was sighted in Israel on the night of Friday the 3rd of Oct.  Now, if the New Moon day sets the days for the next 4 Sabbaths, then the next 4 Gregorian Saturdays will be the lunar Sabbath day.  New Moon day is the first counted day of the new month but, because it is not a Sabbath or a work day, the next day starts the count of the 6 working days.  You may ask: How does this help in counting to Shavuot?  Haven’t you ever wondered why YHWH Says 7 Sabbaths complete?  Why didn’t He just say count 50 days from the 15th of Nissan?  Why did He say start the count after the Sabbath?  We know from scripture that Yeshua was hung on the tree on the 14th of Nissan and was put in the tomb that night.  It said that the women saw where He was laid and went home for the Sabbath was coming.  That would make the 15th a Sabbath.  All Jewish writings show the 16th the day of first fruits and the day to start the count.  That would be according to YHWH’s instructions ‘the morrow after (of) the Sabbath’.  Let us now think about the count of the 7 Sabbaths PERFECT.

When following YHWH’s proper calendar according to His sun, moon and stars His feasts lay neatly into place with no extra “high” Sabbaths to confuse matters.  Also, Yom Kippurim never lands on the Sabbath.  There is never the question “do we fast or feast?”  Father keeps His fasts separate from His feasts.

YHWH wants us to be set apart from the world.  He has also instructed us to not worship the heavens like the pagans who followed the phases of first quarter, full, and last quarter of the moon.  He has not connected His Sabbaths or yearly feasts to the exact phases of the moon.  We are to count the days from the first sighting of the moon – nothing else.  I believe this is the way it was done from the beginning.  There are many statements of this in historical writings and encyclopedias. See the reference pages titled “JUST GIVE ME THE FACTS PLEASE” in the free e-book "YHWH's Unique Time piece explained".

Shalom, Diane