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to the Ancient Paths of scripture.

Walking in the Ten Words (Commandments) and the Power of the Holy Spirit

(Rev.12:17, Luk.10:19, Mat.28:19-20)

The Repairer of the Breach

How do I keep Father's calendar in our day?

It has been very interesting over the last several years observing various acquaintances of ours and how they dealt with the calendar change issue.  I guess I could almost put it into what appears to be a two step process.

The first step is for an individual to understand the truth about the calendar issue.  At that point, it depends upon the strength of conviction about how important it is to our Creator.  If it is decided that it is important and  becomes an obedience issue to the 4th commandment, step 2 is begun.

Step 2 involves beginning to adjust one’s schedule to accommodate Father’s appointed times.  Since we are so immersed into the Gregorian calendar system, we need to begin by just trying to get permission from our bosses, overseers or customer/client relationships to keep the true sabbath rest day as determined by His calendar.  When explained in a humble, gentle way it is amazing how understanding and flexible others become.  This is especially true if we work as unto the Lord and we are considered an asset and valuable with our daily work production.

Lastly, when all else fails, we must decide what to do.  Do we continue to please man, or do we do it Father’s way?

Scripture says if we keep His commandments, His blessings will be upon us.  The question is, do we trust Him to do that in all of our circumstances.