Helping restore Father's people

to the Ancient Paths of scripture.

Walking in the Ten Words (Commandments) and the Power of the Holy Spirit

(Rev.12:17, Luk.10:19, Mat.28:19-20)

The Repairer of the Breach

When does a day begin?

When we discovered that many things we believed were not from God but were instead traditions of men, some even brought in from pagan practices, we looked for the true path to worship and obey Father.  We turned to our brother Judah for direction.  This however was not what YHWH wanted.  He wanted to show us His pure path, for even Judah had strayed from it.  They also made their own traditions that kept one from following the pure path of YHWH.  They bound tethers around the people making the obeying of YHWHs' commandments burdensome and difficult to understand without a Rabbi or priest to interpret.

Why sight the moon from Jerusalem?

It seems that with each new subject the Father reveals to us, along comes more confusion and opinions to sort through, and this subject of when and where to sight the new moon is no different.  We went around and around on the matter for two years.  Should we learn to spot the moon here where we live or should we go with the sighting from the land of Israel?

How do I keep Father's calendar in our day?

It has been very interesting over the last several years observing various acquaintances of ours and how they dealt with the calendar change issue.  I guess I could almost put it into what appears to be a two step process.

How does our Creator's calendar work?

The tracking of time is broken down into size segments.  Seconds make up minutes, minutes make up hours, hours make up days, days make up weeks, weeks make up months, (OOPS, currently, in our Gregorian calendar, months are not made up of weeks), months make up years, years make up decades, …etc.

Since when do weeks not make up months?

When is new moon day?

In this article we will examine the three different beliefs of when New Moon day is.  We will bring in historical documents for each one and compare the information.  Let us begin with the concealed moon.

Behold the moon

When I became aware of the verse written in Jeremiah 31:35, I decided to observe the moon as much as I could to try to understand in any small way just what was assigned to it. I began to watch every new moon that was visible and discovered something interesting.

The Calendar Controversy

In all of my many years as a systems analyst, and all the years in church with our family, I have never come across a subject as emotionally volatile as this calendar issue.  It seems that rational logic and a methodical investigation of the truth goes right out the window when others are presented with the truth and history. 

How many calendars did our Creator create?

Let’s start out with questions to provoke our thinking.

1.    Did our Creator create a calendar for His appointed times?
2.    Did He use a combination of the sun, moon and stars for this calendar?
3.    Did He create a second, independent calendar using just the sun?

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