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Walking in the Ten Words (Commandments) and the Power of the Holy Spirit

(Rev.12:17, Luk.10:19, Mat.28:19-20)

The Repairer of the Breach

Gregorian calendar


Father's calendar

The great Calendar controversy

In all of my many years as a systems analyst, and all the years in church with our family, I have never come across a subject as emotionally volatile as this calendar issue.  It seems that rational logic and a methodical investigation of the truth goes right out the window when others are presented with the truth and history.  I guess people do not want their religious belief boxes messed with.

We are in a day like man has never been in before with the world’s information at our finger tips in our own living rooms on the internet.  We do have to sort through all the misinformation and opinions about the subject we are researching, but if we keep digging deep enough, we will find the truth.

I would encourage anyone wanting to know when the true biblical sabbath is, to begin studying the history of calendars that men have governed their lives around and get a feel as to why they were changed.

Secondly, I would recommend studying the ancient Hebrew calendar and how the pieces perfectly fit biblical scripture.

Thirdly, you can download and read my wife Diane’s book “Returning to the Ancient Paths of YHWH”, free on this web site.  She has done a lot of research for you.

I pray that you open your mind and your heart to the truth as you research this issue.  I believe it is extremely important to our Father for us to return to His correct appointed times.

Blessings to you all as you continue your journey to discover our paths in Father’s great restoration.